Purpose of this Blog

Well, basically, I am pretty sure that the most frequent visitor of this Blog is none other than the author. Hence the cause and effect are all the same.. this blog is entirely mine and it is for none other than me.. Now, though I am the most frequent visitor, luckily I am not the only one. Few of my very beloved friends, who, when really find nothing else to do, do visit my blog.. Hence a warm welcome goes to all of them..

Basically, I am a creative person.. or so I think I am..  and along with that - Every creative man is a loner.. I am lonely, no matter how many friends I have... I am very talkative.. I even keep talking when my mouths are shut..May be I am a bit schizophrenic too...but definitely not to an alarming level...:-)..

This blog is my space to discover and share my own creativity.. the things that I think are my best, I put them up here...things that are of no good, I put them up too... Time to time I lose my enthusiasm.. but then again I pull up... Mainly as of today- you will find my photographs..photography is one of my favorite hobbies.. but I have other hobbies too..

This blog has no specific theme.. as I think I am not a person under any specific character or 'type'.. I am exceptional... don't think I am self flattering- may be I am exceptional for no good, but that I am exceptional is undoubted...:P

I have no idea what I am going to do with my life, but sometimes ideas come into my brain- and hence this blog helps me in keeping some records of my ideas...

that's all... best of luck to my blog..

thanks for visiting..
Have an exceptionally joyous day..