Friday, May 12, 2017

I haven't blogged in a while

Suddenly today on messenger I received a link to a blog post from a very very old friend. I haven't blogged in a while but when she said that she started blogging because of me, it got me through this rush of emotions and nostalgia. I never expected this day to come, for the little efforts I did to express myself on internet, would someday somehow trigger someone to write a blog. We often find ourselves meaningless, in this vast era of super connected overlaps of virtual and real. But then how beautiful and magical it is that we get glimpses of that meaning through seemingly unexpected cracks and glitches.

What I like about when I visit this blog, now-a-days in much lower frequencies, what feels seemingly difficult to explain in words is related to the fact that I have changed so much, but my blog remains the same.

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