Thursday, October 13, 2016

Freaky coincidences and parallel dreams

Ghosts of my new succinct dreams-
You my dear, you!
Oh dilemma oh my heart
Sarcasmistic freak realistic
True but it's true

Truth I love you, truth I'm scared
- said my friend in a long lost day
Post afternoon
Shades are real, dreams are real,
Doldrums recurring in fortune!

Did I swallow more than I chew?
Did horses ride and bring marshmallow?
Oh my dreams of troubled hearts
It's a pity I think of you! You! You!

There's nothing new on this earth
Would you explore if you knew?
A city dreaded folded scolded and squashed
In its own arrogant views.
Oh give me some news, give me some new!

And nights go by, like millions lights
Years yearn to let go by,
They again rebuild you
They again rebuild you
And they again rebuild you!