Friday, January 31, 2014

Else, why ?

I am blogging after a long long time. Pardon the chaos. 

Of all things I fear absurdity. I am afraid of meaninglessness. Sometimes when you find everything is okay, everything is running smooth, every note is perfectly tuned, all at once, you know something is wrong, you know you have hit the doldrums, the stale time, the time without the gust, no wind, none at all to sail. I fear that. That is my worst nightmare.
Everything cannot be right. Something must be wrong. Something must be incomplete. Some must fall, some must go out of tune. It should happen, to make all go right. That's the essence of life. Or else, why ?
Now you may say I am a regular pessimist obsessed with finding problems. But no, look at it deeply. You are not the one who creates the ripple of mistakes ? So no need to worry, or feel guilty. You are not the one, perhaps, who is directly affected by it. But you are the one who finds it. You are the one who addresses it. You are the one who acknowledges it. And try to solve it.
You are the designer. You are the manipulator of time. Congratulations!
Now today in this world, the way we stand and do things, can I dare to ask one very deeply rooted fundamental aspect of life ? Shall we design at all ?
Of course we should. Else, how would we solve the problems that bother us ? Design makes a better tomorrow, isn't it ?

Is it ?

Are you living a happier life than your father ?

Impacts of all arguments can always be diluted by introducing the term 'relative'. 'Design makes a better living?' - what is better ? Better is a relative term, with respect to what ?

Darwin said about the survival of the fittest. Of course life is a battlefield. Well, first of all is it at all a battlefield ? If yes, then lets talk about the relation between survival and design. Design should make your life better. Which means it should make you fitter for survival. That means more and more people will be fitter in the battle of life. Wow ! That sounds great! But wait, if more people are fitter, then who would survive ?

Design makes our life easy. And an easy life is hard to live.

Of all things I fear absence of a problem. If you don't have a problem, you are not doing anything. If you are not doing anything, are you living at all ?

But if you are in love, well, then you are not looking for problems to solve anymore perhaps...since all your problems have been solved already....trying to look for one again, would be yet another problem for you.

We need problems. Else, why ?

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