Monday, November 4, 2013

Weird Evening deep sleep

These things happen occasionally. Sleeping in the evening - from 5pm to 10pm and waking up - just to realize you are starving - and Ma has kept tea for you - cold, without sugar, without milk. The cup tells that it needed a little warmth, a nice little chat with Ma; she is busy now, and informs you in a strikingly angry manner - tea is there, have it with milk. Now you realize, it has been a sleep too deep, two missed call from your cousins, who cannot come tomorrow for bhai-phonta (is there a English for it?). and your father is out of town, so Ma was wanting this evening tea with you - only knowing for fact that such days are counted - in a year or so - you have to make your own tea, and Ma will have tea with herself only.

However, like they say in popular Hindi films, the easiest job in the world is to comfort your mother, but its not your excellent charming character, its her power to absorb little hard things.

Thus you wake up after you wake up, a nice addicting mild headache and with a romantic neck pain, only to know again, you slept without pillows.

We owe so much to our computers, and our internet connection; without it - what would you do ? You hit the space bar and it reveals - facebook is always there, and unfortunately your torrents were seeding for the last few hours. I think we owe it to Mark Zuckerburg too.

Its weird - the life as it is - sudden moments of absolute amazing freshness - but no work to do. Updates and Notifications - of what ? oh why ?

The night draws in with the random blasts of left over crackers to tell you, you are alive , and you wake up after you wake up. . .

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