Saturday, July 6, 2013


"In general we pay 7 thousands to trainees, but since you have done a lot of 3D s - we are giving you 10" said the lady, principal architect and co owner of the firm.
I started dancing inside. Swiftly my hand touched the envelope and my fingers felt a thick bunch of notes inside it. "Thank You Madam" I said and nodded with a smile.
"We also hope, that you will work with us again." - she added while her hands transitioned the envelope to mine.
"Would love to Madam" - my smile was going beyond my cheeks as I bent over and took the envelope finally.
Slowly I half opened the door and walked back quickly to my room. Before anyone noticed, I quietly put it inside my laptop bag's inner folder. I couldn't stop smiling. Overjoyed inside, it was happiness that wanted to burst out like a flood. I got paid ! finally ! my first earning ever !!! and its a lot of money :D