Sunday, June 9, 2013

Job. Rain. Boredom. A lonely afternoon

Easiest thing in this world is to get bored. And I am so good at easy things.
I got my first job! And that makes me happy :) . well, to be specific, its an internship. But it feels like a real job. I got a chair and a computer. And I also get tea served at my table. And I would also get paid, though I yet not know how much.
Bad thing about the firm where I work, is that you need to be there by 10 am. Well, so long I was habituated to half-wake-up by that time, but now for the last week, I had to full-wake-up by 8 am. And that is really really very very hard thing to do.
But still I like the firm. Its an 'architectural studio' actually.
Today though, being a Sunday, I could afford to sleep till 9 o clock until Ma woke me up and said that if I want fish for lunch then I gotta go and buy it from the bazaar as my father is out of town. And I badly wanted  fish because this whole week I have been eating egg curry at the firm's canteen.
It was so inhumanly humid when I went out. It the humidity that exhausts you, not the heat- or so I think. Whatever it is, I was totally tired when I came back and stood under the shower for half an hour straight.
Sometimes, I remember that I used to sing songs in shower when I was a child. And I miss it. Now I am too grown up, and I can't even sing, not even in shower.
Then it started raining big time. And as if I never saw rain before - I was staring outside to nothing specific. Still. Quiet. Blank.