Friday, March 29, 2013


Lines, originally uploaded by Soumya, the amateur.

I took this photograph few months back when I was returning from college on a taxi. I remember bribing a police 100 rupees (or fine without a receipt), because I got caught since photography is not allowed on the bridge.
This is the second Hooghly bridge on a cloudy day.
I was feeling blank for the last 24 hours or so. Nothing serious to do. Hangover of something I don't know. Browsing through my backup files I found this picture.

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really i want to write something. a month full of work - design assignment. then suddenly after final viva- blank- no more nothing . nothing to do all day. its blank . holiday wednesday and friday are holiday. thursday got sandwiched to a holiday. add weekends . 5 days at a stretch. but i dont know what to do. its been a habit to stay awake. all night. BESU does that to you. i am feeling sleepy. but i dont want to sleep. there is no point on staying awake either. its in between. directionless.
i have done 16 different options of this last assignment. redesign of the SS hogg market. 16. i am not emphasizing on the number or anything. hardly matters. that proves nothing. only one fact that my studio  teacher told me - which is true - ' you are confused and you know that' ...
am I ? may be. hardly matters. no it does matter. it did matter actually. I dont know. why I am this confused ?
the whole design process thing doesn't make any sense. our design process has not evolved at all. its unscientific in its very ideology. - that's why the confusion. there are infinite possibilities - but there is only one world - one Earth to breed life on it . why ? blank ! boom! skadoosh !
its not random. its never random. they all have a reason. reasons. millions and millions of uncountable strings of events culminate together to produce one single occurrence of something what we call 'meaning'. meaningfulness - that's the virtue of architecture. It should be meaningful.
rational is too mainstream.
beautification is too childish. immature . streamlined.

thus the process is wrong. its wrong I say it is wrong . totally wrong. fully unequivocally completely wrong wrong wrong.

the basics of what we do is based on the basis of randomness. nothing is random still, but its again irrational. why am i thinking 16 different options ? is my brain nuts ? no. but because there is no method to say. had i been given a little more time I would have done 61 .

I love CFL lights. earlier I hated them. they gave me headaches. now i am used to.
i dont really love them but i am okay with them now.

trial and error is not a method of the developed kind. its baffling. its not meaningful . when u start drawing a plan - no matter how much area programming you do - you still start on a blank sheet with a pencil and the first line you draw is a trial - u see error and you erase it and redraw it. trial and error and trial and error - makes no sense - what it makes is confusion and you know it.

parametricism shall be the new epoch. we should learn it. its meaningful.