Thursday, July 7, 2011

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100th post - I'm on tumblr

Well, this is The 100th post of my blog... Congrats to me!! :-) for last few days - I am getting really bored... and its damn wrong to think that the internet can get rid of your boredom. .. It only makes it worse. Its better to doze of sometimes. But then again no matter how much you get bored, you just cannot log out of Facebook.. which makes you reach the pinnacle of boredom
But still, I found out things to entertain you in this heavy load of boredom.. actually ting which are less boring than usual ..

  1. Plumet 2 - a game that will just not let you understand time passing by... available on facebook...(I know you expect a link here, but I am sorry , I am not really in a mood to search and hyperlink it right now.)
  2. The same old with loads of stuffs to keep you occupied.
  3. and last but not the least .. , one of the latest micro blogging site.. with your personal URL and no forced advertisement on page.. really cool if you wish to share little things like quotes , picz and links...and it also merges with facebook.. check out the page I built yesterday .. got my own name available...what could be better? whats more cool...I have the RSS feed running smooth on this blog - see upper left.. :-)