Sunday, January 23, 2011

well, this post is just because I haven't posted much recently.. and then too, now I am in a bit hurry, so to cut the crap, and make it direct - 

  • I am happy (as always, nothing new) and content with my college life. Relationships with seniors are better than yesterday. Dunno whom to credit for it.
  • I visited my school last Wednesday. I thought I would become very weak even a moment before I took the turn to enter the front-yard of the Merlin Park Building, but actually, I became a whole lot stronger when I came out from it.
  • My poetry is dead for a year or so. No inspirations as such. I am not calling it dead, but coma- may be?
  • I got an upgrade on my PC; -  moved to a 2GB RAM from the 512 MB one, had a new 18.5 inch widescreen HD LCD AOC monitor, and very soon I'll be having a Printer.
  • I also registered myself for the Hostel at Shibpur. Though from when on I'll be shifting is yet to be decided.
  • I am slowly becoming lesser and lesser hardworking about my studies. But about my thoughts, I am still sincere enough.
That's it!
Sign Out...