Thursday, December 30, 2010

My first Surgery !

I had my first surgery today.. And it was an experience. Well, to be technically true, I was under local anesthesia, so I didn't feel anything; still it was an experience.
I had to get rid off the acheel at my chin. Not that I had to, but I had to. So, I had an appointment with a Skin Specialist at The Nightingale last week,  and he recommended 'Excision under LA' (not Los Angeles, but Local Anesthesia).
And today was the show day . First, the staff-guy asked to keep all my belongings in the safe hands of my parents. Then he took me to the Dressing Room and undressed me (What an irony!) . Well, undress limit was up to the tolerable level off course ( if you know what I mean). Then I wore a big green Al khalla and a blue net head gear (made me feel like a environmentalist Arab-Shekh ) and made my way to the waiting room.
I had to wait for about half an hour, I think, and I had no watch so it seemed longer.
Finally the curtains were raised (well not literally) and I got my ticket to the Operation Theater. It was, what shall I say - 'atomic' in comparison to Theaters I visited so far. And moreover there were no stages either. But then I was informed that the drama would be conducted on a table (quite imaginative) and quite unfortunately, I was assigned the part of a lay-man (the man who lies down - plain and simple and nothing else). It was disappointing, such a contrast after what I dreamed of the environmentalist-Arab-Shekh). Further, I had no dialog either. Hence, little were things to worry me, which was good from a certain point of view. 

Then the doctor/surgeon walked in. He had the costume almost like mine and the other helpers in the Theater (but with a cover on his face which merged the environmentalist-Arab Shekh with an amateurish Ninja). He  seemed to had rehearsed his part for quite a long time. He seemed fairly confident, which was good from a certain point of view.

Then the lights were on ! And they were focusing right on me - which made me feel quite important and I knew the show was about to begin!! The doctor (who appeared to be environmentalist-Arab-Shekh+amateur Ninja) quite professionally pushed an injection in my chin. And then suddenly I realized my chin was going numb. However, it was not long, the doctor promptly started his part with scissors, knifes, pins, threads and few more things (some of them appeared in the boxes my biology-friends had ).

It was not a long play. Some fifteen minutes and then it was over. and now I am few milligrams lighter. Or may be not, because I have new Santa-Claus beard (only made of bandages and cottons).

Oh and off course - the play was a success!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Top 10 Status

My Top ten Status 
Found a cool app at Facebook, and it was good to look back too.. at my Top 10 status of 2010...
here is the link

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Friday, December 24, 2010

The New

The New, originally uploaded by Soumya, the amateur.

Let the new dawn begin...happy new year in advance..


The Contrast
The Contrast I just realized. I realized that contrast can also exist in space, though you can't quantify it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Russian? I am impressed about myself

A snapshot of the page

Blogger Stats is so smart. It not only tracks your page-views but also gives you traffic-source links. Finally, I ended up in the search results of a Russian Search Engine! Isn't that strange? Isn't that weird? And then I searched Wikipedia by the name and found out is the largest search engine in Russia with revenue over $282.6 million ! Now, that is simply great.

My first Spam Experience

I encountered a really funny problem this morning. I have been using blogger for over three years and never had such an experience!! My blog was marked as spam!!! OMG!!

well, luckily it was not this blog, it was another one!

when I first logged in today , I was quite in a shock (and that is why I forgot to take a snapshot) to find a Google Page that said 'there was unusual activities on your account' and I had to go through a text-message verification process that verified that I was human. So, I typed my mobile number and immediately received a message from Google with a verification code. And then as I typed it in everything went back to normal. Thank Google!

Then I found out access to my earlier mentioned blog was blocked due to spam activity. I couldn't find out why Blogger marked me as spam ( I never spam, I swear!) nor did Blogger provide any explanation but still, they linked me to this page from which I guessed mine was a victim of false positive.

Anyways I hope everything will be back to normal as Blogger asked for 2 business days to review my verification.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My first Content Based Writing!!

My dear friend Anish, has been very enthusiastic about a web-based business venture for quite a long time. He has been doing content-based writing for last couple of years and gained a good amount of experience. And furthermore he relied on my experience of personal blogging too. And hence, we gave birth to a new arena of content-based-writing...
Virtual Vedas !!!

Check it out at once...

My first Post : Stuck?

Launching Virtual Vedas

Friday, December 10, 2010

Semester almost over

ya 'almost'.. because, still I got my D.G. on Monday. But , its effectively over.. all papers went smooth...which seemed exceptional even two week ago...But still I don't know whether I am happy or not, because, what is happiness?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Semester

My first semester exam is going far so good...I mean, pretty good...:-) Materials tomorrow and then D.G. next Monday.....and then a big time holiday till 3rd Jan...