Monday, September 27, 2010

Zonasa 2010

Though I tried to keep posting about my experiences at Zonasa 2010.. unfortunately I lost continuity...

But then again... I recently uploaded a whole lot of pictures at is the link-

Zonasa 2010.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Less was more

Less is more
That's my picture, taken some 17 years ago. Its a strange feeling. Did I know then, that I would end up studying Architecture in B.E.S.U.S.? Did I know that the pillow by the side was a cluster-composition?The bed cover underneath my pee-sheet had a grid composition and the ball under my cheeks had primary colours on it? and that I would end up blogging this photo with Nickelback playing so loud that it would make the baby next door cry louder.?
I knew nothing... Less was more........

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 1

the disadvantage of using blogger is that blog posts generally appear anti-chronologically, that is, earlier posts appear later on the page. It is all okay, until you want them to appear according to the time-order which in this case is very much required from my side. Nevertheless, please refer to the post posted earlier to this one, if in case you want to have a proper reading order.

As I wrote in my last post, it was a late night. And next morning we woke up early too. It was a cloudy day, owing to the clear sky last night. We all got up one by one, brushed our teeth one by one, had our bath one by one, answered to nature's call one by one, and then assembled together and marched to our breakfast-spot. the girls joined us in the way. We had our breakfast at Vikramshila. After which we made our way to the Kalidas Auditorium where a seminar was about to be held. The first thing that I remember blog-worthy was the loud roar of the audience accompanied by sharp whistles due to the sudden power cut within a speech of a professor. Which was even more powerful on a second power cut within 5 minutes of the first one that lasted about 15 minutes or so. However, after the long lectures on Architecture, Zonasa, Life, Profession, Career, India, World and many other topics were over, there was a nice warm cultural dance performed by two young ladies in red shiny sarees. I noticed the bitter fact, that the dance was hardly an important thing noticed by the audience, which was even more vividly exposed by the whistle-triplets. However, that ended the first half, which took us to the lunch time. I don't quite recall the menu. But I had a good lunch...

.. to be continued..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zonasa 2010


Caz-cutting the initial confusion about train-timing, we reached IIT KGP for Zonasa 2010 on 2nd September evening, a day before the official opening. Now, first of all, who are we? and what is Zonasa? Well, with pride, we are the students of Department of Architecture, Town and Regional Planning of B.E.S.U.S. Then again, I am no official representative of the department or the university in any manner. I am just the first year, (been here for one month, precisely) and all my experiences and stories publicly shared here onto at my blog are confined within the domain of first years of the academic year 2010.
And Zonasa is the Zonal Convention of National Association of Students of Architecture. Now, this year IIT KGP was the host of the Zonasa. 
The first exciting thing that happened was the 'Mastaram Mastahar' (or so I heard ) slogan as the train started of from the Shalimar Station. Our USEC (=Unit Secretary) took an informal 'roll-call' and then to all our sudden surprise, he started leading a tremendous energetic slogan which all but the first years made even more amazing with their high pumped chorus. I am not sure whether it would be right to put up the slogan on my blog as of now, but I can hardly resist the temptation to do so-

My text can hardly depict the fire of this fuel, though I had many opportunities to go for recording it, still I missed all my chances, but as soon as I get one, I will surely put it up here.. 
With many funny, funnier and funniest events happening on board, our train took us to Kharagpur in no time. Though I dared to take out my camera when we were half an hour from kharagpur, I still think I should have had it ready right from the very start, because still on Earth there is no device to get pictures from my brain. However luckily my batchmates had there compacts ready all the time and as soon as I get all those photos, I may put up some of them here as my mere articulation is not enough to get the touch of the excitement. Till, then the reader will have to be satisfied with my photographs only.

1st yrs cheering on board (precisely on the bunk :D)
Clockwise from left: Debjit, Riddhibrata, Shubhadeep, and Nilendu

Zeeshan and Nirmalya

When we reached the Kharagpur Railway station, (incidentally boasting the longest platform in the world) we received a warm welcome from students there. They arranged a matador which took our big massive trunk and few luggages and a bus which took us. We reached IIT and found our accommodation at Madan Mohan Malavya Hall.. We dumped our luggages, had a quick shower, informed our parents, drank a lot of water, and got out to have our dinner. Walking a lot through the broad roads of IIT KGP, which appeared as a mini-township, we luckily got in our way, the bus bringing the students from Jadavpur University, where I had a friend from my school, whom I met, after a long long time, which made me somewhat nostalgic. 

However, with starving stomaches we made our way to 'Billoo's Restaurant' , an open air food-joint owned by a Punjabi gentleman. We gathered all together, had a lot of fun and adda and finally had a heavy dinner with Nuns and Aloor Dum. 
Dinner at Billoo's
4 persons in focus;clockwise from left: Pradipta, Nirmalya, Ridhhibrata, 3rd year er dada

After dinner we all accumulated in a circular fashion in the Billoo's. Oh, before that, there were a couple of GPL's.  :P . And then we had a long interesting, part-funny-part-boring interaction with our seniors. When Billoo was about to close, we had hardly started, hence we moved out and suited ourselves on the bare road, which was quite new to me.. Many not-to-be-shared-in-public things happened. Then a hunk on a motorbike came over and politely asked us to move from the road to the basketball ground over the wall.. So we did. And then finally,around 3 am in the morning we thought it would be wise to return to our lodging. This was my first time in life that I was out with my friends and without my parents, but I found no difficulty in adjusting with my roommates, rather I enjoyed it. I shared with Rohit, Pradipta, Subrata and Zeeshan .. I can't remember whether I slept or not, I think I didn't sleep much. So was Pradipta, and we woke up around 4 and started chatting in the tiny veranda. In the courtyard inside, there was a substantially big Volleyball court and the hostel building was enclosing the ground, which was also a new thing to notice. I remember Pradipta made another effort to sleep, but I was not encouraged that much. I stayed awake quite late, remembering my days before my higher secondary. The irony caught me with quite a surprise- back then I wanted to sleep but I couldn't due to my exam-pressure , and now nothing was stopping me from a good nap, but still I couldn't. 
The day ended however, with the promise of a new day to begin.. be continued..