Friday, July 23, 2010

My First Sketch

Kitchen in 2 point perspective
Really not something Blog-worthy today.
This is my first sketch regarding my upcoming Architecture course . I drew it in Panthanivas, Cuttack , the day before my NATA exam at Piloo Mody College of Architecture. I had nothing to do actually, so I thought of drawing something.. Basically, you know, to be honest- I don't quite think I can draw. But still I believe this is a kitchen that at least looks like a decent kitchen... ;-)
I can't recall why I chose a Kitchen; may be because I am a food lover or it reminds me of my mother.
I kinda messed up with the geometry, there is a error in there- the left wall of the picture has an extra wall-line, right beneath the sink which should not be there.


  1. fantastic sketch appropriate sketch for an architect. awesome.

  2. are na na, eta maximum 1ta interior decorator bola jete pare.. We design palaces...


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