Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Criss Cross

Criss Cross
A temporary Bamboo Structure, for a New Over Bridge under development. Near Baghajatin Railway Station.

Stove Sharai Dokan

Stove Repair
If you don't know Bengali, I here translate the a very peculiar and interesting message in the picture;-
               Stove Repair Shop
All types of shirts, pants, Bag-chains, Plastic buckets and Umbrellas are repaired over here!

Now that is great!

Dog and Rust

Dog and Rust


A Junkyard near Baghajatin Bridge, Kolkata. Does make me feel bad, or rather feel like a European Tourist and making poverty and stuff my subject. But tremendous subject , so couldn't resist it..


Stones of the Railway Tracks



An Afternoon Nap

A street-dog, having a nice nap in mid-afternoon. Curled and comforted.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010





Oops! I never knew it was so soft! My dad's new Gillette Foamy. I just tried it and ..Bhoooosh.. it came out.. its feathery soft.. guess I still have to wait to use it.. Anyways, it served me well to try my camera's 'Super Macro Auto Focus' mode designed for objects few centimeters close.

Light And Shadow

Light and Shadow
A coconut tree at my neighborhood. This picture is my first trial with light and shadow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Street Market

Street Market
The street is the market and the market is the street. Basically, people would also identify places on this road by simply referring to the bazaar like - "are jekhane bajarta boshe" (" the street where the market is"). A typical kolkata picture. The lady in the middle, the shops on the sides, the vegetable vendors on the pavements, the crowd crowded with paddle-pulled and hand-pulled carts and bicycles, the people, the smell, the noise - all depict the fact- how organized unorganized India is. Truly India, truly unique.


Yes, if you see India, you are right. Again a very rare cloud line, but i had it right from my window. This photograph was taken with my Samsung SGH-J600 camera phone (1.3 mega pixel). Basically, its the triangular peninsula that strongly resembles the map of India, otherwise you can also imagine a bird.

Concave Convex

Concave Convex
A very rare opportunity, I must say. I can quite bet, you haven't seen such clouds. One of my favorite photographs. 



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Morning Mr. ?

Good Morning Mr. ..? Never saw you here?

What a rare bird! Well, rare for me of course, or us, who are quite habituated in the humans-only zone. Crows are still surviving though.. and sparrows; and few eagles too. But this particular bird made a very rare visit today. I don't even know the name. As a matter of fact I hardly know anything about this bird but that this bird is very rare to see and even rarer to have a photograph, that too right in the middle of such a concrete-jungle. 

Moreover, I had this shot in a very memorable way. I was panning in full zoom with my camera all around from my roof and suddenly, my pan had a halt when this Mr. Never-saw-before caught my eye (or precisely the view finder of my new Finepix S2000HD.)

Nevertheless, if any Mr. know-many-bird-names can help me with the name of this bird (because you can't Google this..), I would be grateful, though it would hardly make any difference to my unique surprise... After all, what's worth naming them if we make them so rare?

Friday, July 23, 2010

World War II

Up in the sky
Well, let not the title deceive you. Its not at all a World War II photograph. I took it it just today evening, precisely at 6:26 pm. And then just did two things- 'black and white' followed by 'film grain' and had what is here

Cocos Nucifera

Cocos Nucifera 
A coconut tree, on the front yard of my neighbor..

My First Sketch

Kitchen in 2 point perspective
Really not something Blog-worthy today.
This is my first sketch regarding my upcoming Architecture course . I drew it in Panthanivas, Cuttack , the day before my NATA exam at Piloo Mody College of Architecture. I had nothing to do actually, so I thought of drawing something.. Basically, you know, to be honest- I don't quite think I can draw. But still I believe this is a kitchen that at least looks like a decent kitchen... ;-)
I can't recall why I chose a Kitchen; may be because I am a food lover or it reminds me of my mother.
I kinda messed up with the geometry, there is a error in there- the left wall of the picture has an extra wall-line, right beneath the sink which should not be there.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Curtains of my room....

Nah.. its okay

Primary complaint about picture quality is on its way to withdrawal. Basically, there are two things. One is that 'AUTO' mode definitely selects the most appropriate parameters with respect to the scene. But, it can still be improved by selecting the parameters manually. Secondly, the LCD display is not somewhere one should judge the quality of the picture. This was one of my mistake. Its better to untie the usb cable, connect it with the computer and then judge it on full screen view. The important thing is in full manual mode, it is quite difficult for me to reach optimum exposure but if I can reach it, I find that noise-factor just vanishes! This picture is taken in 9 mega pixel and the following parameters were also set manually
ISO 100
Shutter speed: 1/680, Aperture: F 7.4
Thus in this, case I am quite happy with the picture quality... which makes me feel cooler.. :D

A first look

This post is about the new camera I bought. Well, primarily I would say I am quite satisfied with it. Basically, because its a camera that looks like a camera and hanging it around your neck makes you feel cool..LOL.. just kidding.. Now, seriously speaking this camera is simply great at its price range. It has got 12 different modes, each having a large different customization-options making a gross total of thousand different ways to take a snap and that is why as a novice I am quite faithful on 'AUTO' mode which is basically the other thing of just point-and-shoot. But this camera has got manual mode, shutter speed/aperture priority, natural flash, shooting modes like landscapes, portrait with face detection, night, and many more yet remains to try out. Full utilization of all the features would require quite a little experience, which from my side is yet to be earned. But philosophically, a photograph is what message you want to express and it is not that dependent on how many modes you have in your camera. Nevertheless, primarily I think the picture quality is a little more than good, but not very-good. It has got noticeable noise factor which reduces on choosing appropriate exposure and white balance. The noise factor is ignorable at regular proportions but becomes quite prominent on magnifying it on desktop. However, this S2000HD is quite appreciable in its capacity to reciprocate the natural light and darkness of the frame. Here is a comparison with a SONY cybershot .
Natural shades of the clouds in background LOST
Natural shades of the cloud with Fujifilm S2000HD

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Camera

I got a new camera and a new camera got me! By name it is known as Fujifilm S2000HD. Main features include 10 mega pixel and 15x optical zoom. Still a lot to explore. Primarily I am satisfied, satisfied but not overwhelmed with the picture quality.. But still lot to know as I said..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It goes around and goes around

I guarantee he would go around and around until his parents come and pick him up..
A vibrant 'Merry-go-round' at Bagbazar Puja-Prangon. I didn't edit it at all, just to keep it innocent and natural.
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Saturday, July 17, 2010


a little after sunset .. with the light yet not drowned beneath the sea.. the wide slowly darkening sky is reflecting herself on the quick drying water trail on the wet sand.. the vividness of the colors are removed and a blue-green-yellowish tinge is introduced to ring in some melancholy.
the photograph was taken in Puri, Orissa


A corridor in bright scorch sunlight of the hot humid noon..
This photograph was taken in the corridor of Hotel Panthanivas in Puri, Orissa. 

My Keyboard Story

My Frontech multimedia keyboard went out today morning.. It was not at all responding no matter how hard i pressed the keys.. and then I banged it harder ..BANG!! and that made the thing worse... So I had to use the On-screen keyboard.. and click the keys with my mouse... the most irritating job... specially when someone is there to chat takes hours to give a decent short reply... and the whole idea of chatting is lost... so I was quite determined that I have to fix it by the evening...
Luckily, I didn't have to spend a single paisa .. I had a very old white-turned-yellow keyboard right at my home.. an old pal whom I abandoned in a dark cold cupboard when this new usb-multimedia-bold-black guy came in and took his place...And just like the epic stories.. old pal didn't turn me down.. though he was quite locked up long in a cardboard prison and had a nice thick blanket of soot and spider-web on him.
So I am right now quite happy with this one.. It is the traditional one..the traditional ports you know, not the usb-wala... And no multimedia hot keys either.. who needs hot keys anyways, if the real keys don't function ?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dingi

One of my first much praised photographs... A lonely dingi boat floating all by herself on the mighty Ganges, near Babughat,Kolkata all by herself... I introduced the pink feather tinge to add a little melancholy tune..

Monday, July 12, 2010


HOWDY everyone!!
today is a good day in my life and a great day to start a new blog.. now, eventually most of all days go very good with me, because I am quite a good boy (or 'man' may be?)...Nevertheless, today was really something special..Today  I took admission in Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur for Bachelor Of Architecture course!! popularly known as BESU and formerly famous by the name of B.E.College..

B.E.College was established back in 1856... Maybe at the young age of my father's grandpa's grandpa..and its now quite a thing to be proud of being a part of it... My uncle is also from BESU (then known B.E.College) and so is my father's uncle..

So, I am quite happy and satisfied and happy and excited about this!

BESU has a HUGE campus which I wish to explore in due course of time, hope I will keep blogging and blogging about my life soon to start over there... So.. as of now, Howdy Everyone!!

That was all.."where I am"... now lets come to "who I am".. As you might have guessed, I am in my late-teens, almost eighteen.
I just became an ex-student of Patha Bhavan... Patha Bhavan is well-known for its co-curricular activities and esteemed alumni in various fields, specially in Arts and Culture.. It was established in 1965 by the then intellectuals of kolkata and the great Satyajit Ray was a part of it...
I have been missing PB for last 3 months...cause I am no more a student.. I am- what they call it "ex-student" of Patha Bhavan...My memories of Patha Bhavan is waiting to become dormant by the upcoming college life... But as long as they are alive and vibrant and seeming 'just-like-yesterday', I, with my beloved friends, am developing a blog celebrating those memories... you can take a look...

Well, thats that for today.. BESU starts session from 29th... hope to post some pictures very soon...

Have a fantastic day!!