Thursday, December 30, 2010

My first Surgery !

I had my first surgery today.. And it was an experience. Well, to be technically true, I was under local anesthesia, so I didn't feel anything; still it was an experience.
I had to get rid off the acheel at my chin. Not that I had to, but I had to. So, I had an appointment with a Skin Specialist at The Nightingale last week,  and he recommended 'Excision under LA' (not Los Angeles, but Local Anesthesia).
And today was the show day . First, the staff-guy asked to keep all my belongings in the safe hands of my parents. Then he took me to the Dressing Room and undressed me (What an irony!) . Well, undress limit was up to the tolerable level off course ( if you know what I mean). Then I wore a big green Al khalla and a blue net head gear (made me feel like a environmentalist Arab-Shekh ) and made my way to the waiting room.
I had to wait for about half an hour, I think, and I had no watch so it seemed longer.
Finally the curtains were raised (well not literally) and I got my ticket to the Operation Theater. It was, what shall I say - 'atomic' in comparison to Theaters I visited so far. And moreover there were no stages either. But then I was informed that the drama would be conducted on a table (quite imaginative) and quite unfortunately, I was assigned the part of a lay-man (the man who lies down - plain and simple and nothing else). It was disappointing, such a contrast after what I dreamed of the environmentalist-Arab-Shekh). Further, I had no dialog either. Hence, little were things to worry me, which was good from a certain point of view. 

Then the doctor/surgeon walked in. He had the costume almost like mine and the other helpers in the Theater (but with a cover on his face which merged the environmentalist-Arab Shekh with an amateurish Ninja). He  seemed to had rehearsed his part for quite a long time. He seemed fairly confident, which was good from a certain point of view.

Then the lights were on ! And they were focusing right on me - which made me feel quite important and I knew the show was about to begin!! The doctor (who appeared to be environmentalist-Arab-Shekh+amateur Ninja) quite professionally pushed an injection in my chin. And then suddenly I realized my chin was going numb. However, it was not long, the doctor promptly started his part with scissors, knifes, pins, threads and few more things (some of them appeared in the boxes my biology-friends had ).

It was not a long play. Some fifteen minutes and then it was over. and now I am few milligrams lighter. Or may be not, because I have new Santa-Claus beard (only made of bandages and cottons).

Oh and off course - the play was a success!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Top 10 Status

My Top ten Status 
Found a cool app at Facebook, and it was good to look back too.. at my Top 10 status of 2010...
here is the link

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Friday, December 24, 2010

The New

The New, originally uploaded by Soumya, the amateur.

Let the new dawn begin...happy new year in advance..


The Contrast
The Contrast I just realized. I realized that contrast can also exist in space, though you can't quantify it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Russian? I am impressed about myself

A snapshot of the page

Blogger Stats is so smart. It not only tracks your page-views but also gives you traffic-source links. Finally, I ended up in the search results of a Russian Search Engine! Isn't that strange? Isn't that weird? And then I searched Wikipedia by the name and found out is the largest search engine in Russia with revenue over $282.6 million ! Now, that is simply great.

My first Spam Experience

I encountered a really funny problem this morning. I have been using blogger for over three years and never had such an experience!! My blog was marked as spam!!! OMG!!

well, luckily it was not this blog, it was another one!

when I first logged in today , I was quite in a shock (and that is why I forgot to take a snapshot) to find a Google Page that said 'there was unusual activities on your account' and I had to go through a text-message verification process that verified that I was human. So, I typed my mobile number and immediately received a message from Google with a verification code. And then as I typed it in everything went back to normal. Thank Google!

Then I found out access to my earlier mentioned blog was blocked due to spam activity. I couldn't find out why Blogger marked me as spam ( I never spam, I swear!) nor did Blogger provide any explanation but still, they linked me to this page from which I guessed mine was a victim of false positive.

Anyways I hope everything will be back to normal as Blogger asked for 2 business days to review my verification.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My first Content Based Writing!!

My dear friend Anish, has been very enthusiastic about a web-based business venture for quite a long time. He has been doing content-based writing for last couple of years and gained a good amount of experience. And furthermore he relied on my experience of personal blogging too. And hence, we gave birth to a new arena of content-based-writing...
Virtual Vedas !!!

Check it out at once...

My first Post : Stuck?

Launching Virtual Vedas

Friday, December 10, 2010

Semester almost over

ya 'almost'.. because, still I got my D.G. on Monday. But , its effectively over.. all papers went smooth...which seemed exceptional even two week ago...But still I don't know whether I am happy or not, because, what is happiness?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Semester

My first semester exam is going far so good...I mean, pretty good...:-) Materials tomorrow and then D.G. next Monday.....and then a big time holiday till 3rd Jan...

Friday, November 26, 2010

I love Photography

Photography, my hobby....a picture expressing Manali, HP....check out my flickr photostream at
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Civilization / The Smoke

A view of from airbus, before landing at Kullu....

life vest under our sea

Something really curious ! On our flight from Delhi to Kullu .... "LIFE VEST UNDER OUR SEA!!"....Just Imagine!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Flow, originally uploaded by Soumya, the amateur.
The river Beas, Manali, HP.
This flow and its endlessness.... is something which is monotonous and curious at the same time...The curiousness is in this monotony, the monotony is so beautiful....when we say beautiful, we don't really coin the word monotony, we take 'forever' or 'endless' for instance. But I realized, curiosity can be there, even in monotony....only in nature, perhaps, and in her most delicate forms, in the non-living lives..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gabloo: Purpose of this Blog

Gabloo: Purpose of this Blog: "Well, basically, I am pretty sure that the most frequent visitor of this Blog is none other than the author. Hence the cause and effect are ..."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

well, this post is just because I haven't posted much recently.. and then too, now I am in a bit hurry, so to cut the crap, and make it direct - 
  • I am good, as always, enjoying BESU (turned IIEST) , and I still miss my school
  • My flickr page going very good, got several awards.
  • I don't need to hold the overhead bars in the metro, because the crowd stuffs me so comfortably, that I just cannot fall (no space to fall, precisely).
  • My first semester examination is coming up by the stairs, soon to knock the door.
  • and that's it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Urban Dusk

Urban Dusk, originally uploaded by Soumya, the amateur.

Urban dusk at Delhi.... i tried to frame the contrast between the street lights and the sun

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hill station

Hill station, originally uploaded by Soumya, the amateur.

look at the man comforting himself in his jacket.. lucky to click in that very moment...

Perspective? No

Perspective? No, originally uploaded by Soumya, the amateur.

A pretty rare ladder, itself converging in structure

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


-Soumya Dasgupta

After a long time I wrote in bangla, my earlier experience reminded me of compatibility problems my friends had due to the fonts.. hence this time I just took snapshots and uploaded them as image files...Its a memoir on my school-life, hope you like it..
Happy Durga Puja.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I didn't know!

Look at the photograph... well, I am pretty sure you don't have any idea about what the caption means. Definitely its a cloud, and definitely its very rare. Earlier I named this photograph as 'concave-convex' mainly in accordance with its features. Now recently I put it up at my flickr photostream and it was a comment from one of my esteemed viewers which helped me knowing about this cloud- its known as mammatus. this type of clouds got a name! (More on mammatus).

Monday, September 27, 2010

Zonasa 2010

Though I tried to keep posting about my experiences at Zonasa 2010.. unfortunately I lost continuity...

But then again... I recently uploaded a whole lot of pictures at is the link-

Zonasa 2010.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Less was more

Less is more
That's my picture, taken some 17 years ago. Its a strange feeling. Did I know then, that I would end up studying Architecture in B.E.S.U.S.? Did I know that the pillow by the side was a cluster-composition?The bed cover underneath my pee-sheet had a grid composition and the ball under my cheeks had primary colours on it? and that I would end up blogging this photo with Nickelback playing so loud that it would make the baby next door cry louder.?
I knew nothing... Less was more........

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 1

the disadvantage of using blogger is that blog posts generally appear anti-chronologically, that is, earlier posts appear later on the page. It is all okay, until you want them to appear according to the time-order which in this case is very much required from my side. Nevertheless, please refer to the post posted earlier to this one, if in case you want to have a proper reading order.

As I wrote in my last post, it was a late night. And next morning we woke up early too. It was a cloudy day, owing to the clear sky last night. We all got up one by one, brushed our teeth one by one, had our bath one by one, answered to nature's call one by one, and then assembled together and marched to our breakfast-spot. the girls joined us in the way. We had our breakfast at Vikramshila. After which we made our way to the Kalidas Auditorium where a seminar was about to be held. The first thing that I remember blog-worthy was the loud roar of the audience accompanied by sharp whistles due to the sudden power cut within a speech of a professor. Which was even more powerful on a second power cut within 5 minutes of the first one that lasted about 15 minutes or so. However, after the long lectures on Architecture, Zonasa, Life, Profession, Career, India, World and many other topics were over, there was a nice warm cultural dance performed by two young ladies in red shiny sarees. I noticed the bitter fact, that the dance was hardly an important thing noticed by the audience, which was even more vividly exposed by the whistle-triplets. However, that ended the first half, which took us to the lunch time. I don't quite recall the menu. But I had a good lunch...

.. to be continued..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zonasa 2010


Caz-cutting the initial confusion about train-timing, we reached IIT KGP for Zonasa 2010 on 2nd September evening, a day before the official opening. Now, first of all, who are we? and what is Zonasa? Well, with pride, we are the students of Department of Architecture, Town and Regional Planning of B.E.S.U.S. Then again, I am no official representative of the department or the university in any manner. I am just the first year, (been here for one month, precisely) and all my experiences and stories publicly shared here onto at my blog are confined within the domain of first years of the academic year 2010.
And Zonasa is the Zonal Convention of National Association of Students of Architecture. Now, this year IIT KGP was the host of the Zonasa. 
The first exciting thing that happened was the 'Mastaram Mastahar' (or so I heard ) slogan as the train started of from the Shalimar Station. Our USEC (=Unit Secretary) took an informal 'roll-call' and then to all our sudden surprise, he started leading a tremendous energetic slogan which all but the first years made even more amazing with their high pumped chorus. I am not sure whether it would be right to put up the slogan on my blog as of now, but I can hardly resist the temptation to do so-

My text can hardly depict the fire of this fuel, though I had many opportunities to go for recording it, still I missed all my chances, but as soon as I get one, I will surely put it up here.. 
With many funny, funnier and funniest events happening on board, our train took us to Kharagpur in no time. Though I dared to take out my camera when we were half an hour from kharagpur, I still think I should have had it ready right from the very start, because still on Earth there is no device to get pictures from my brain. However luckily my batchmates had there compacts ready all the time and as soon as I get all those photos, I may put up some of them here as my mere articulation is not enough to get the touch of the excitement. Till, then the reader will have to be satisfied with my photographs only.

1st yrs cheering on board (precisely on the bunk :D)
Clockwise from left: Debjit, Riddhibrata, Shubhadeep, and Nilendu

Zeeshan and Nirmalya

When we reached the Kharagpur Railway station, (incidentally boasting the longest platform in the world) we received a warm welcome from students there. They arranged a matador which took our big massive trunk and few luggages and a bus which took us. We reached IIT and found our accommodation at Madan Mohan Malavya Hall.. We dumped our luggages, had a quick shower, informed our parents, drank a lot of water, and got out to have our dinner. Walking a lot through the broad roads of IIT KGP, which appeared as a mini-township, we luckily got in our way, the bus bringing the students from Jadavpur University, where I had a friend from my school, whom I met, after a long long time, which made me somewhat nostalgic. 

However, with starving stomaches we made our way to 'Billoo's Restaurant' , an open air food-joint owned by a Punjabi gentleman. We gathered all together, had a lot of fun and adda and finally had a heavy dinner with Nuns and Aloor Dum. 
Dinner at Billoo's
4 persons in focus;clockwise from left: Pradipta, Nirmalya, Ridhhibrata, 3rd year er dada

After dinner we all accumulated in a circular fashion in the Billoo's. Oh, before that, there were a couple of GPL's.  :P . And then we had a long interesting, part-funny-part-boring interaction with our seniors. When Billoo was about to close, we had hardly started, hence we moved out and suited ourselves on the bare road, which was quite new to me.. Many not-to-be-shared-in-public things happened. Then a hunk on a motorbike came over and politely asked us to move from the road to the basketball ground over the wall.. So we did. And then finally,around 3 am in the morning we thought it would be wise to return to our lodging. This was my first time in life that I was out with my friends and without my parents, but I found no difficulty in adjusting with my roommates, rather I enjoyed it. I shared with Rohit, Pradipta, Subrata and Zeeshan .. I can't remember whether I slept or not, I think I didn't sleep much. So was Pradipta, and we woke up around 4 and started chatting in the tiny veranda. In the courtyard inside, there was a substantially big Volleyball court and the hostel building was enclosing the ground, which was also a new thing to notice. I remember Pradipta made another effort to sleep, but I was not encouraged that much. I stayed awake quite late, remembering my days before my higher secondary. The irony caught me with quite a surprise- back then I wanted to sleep but I couldn't due to my exam-pressure , and now nothing was stopping me from a good nap, but still I couldn't. 
The day ended however, with the promise of a new day to begin.. be continued..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BESU Beautiful

Life at BESU started without an introduction.. which though at start made me feel a bit awkward but soon it blended smooth into me..and I began to feel that I belonged to BESU forever.. It would be very true to confess that memories of Patha Bhavan haunted me for quite long.. I tremendously missed my school.. I felt for my school much more after leaving it, than I ever felt while being a student.. I know I sound a bit childish, but truth is truth.. and I still miss school, and I think I would be missing it forever..
But then again life started rolling at BESU .. Assignments, Class tests kept me involved.. Didn't imagine that I would have to study so much, or study at all, just at the start of college life.. But on the contrary, I started lacking behind from the very beginning.. Moreover, I found out that I am quite pathetic with watercolors and my free-hand sketches unveiled the fact that my hands are too free...soja kothae, jake bole , besh chhorachilam.. However, with all messed up assignments, lectures going even above the ceiling, regular infinite-dilution-solution daal at the canteen and the waking-up-too-early-and-returning-home-too-late schedule, I started loving BESU, and BESU started loving me...and I took an oath, I have to go a long way ahead...
I made new friends.. There is a golden rule for friendship, which I realized once more, that is , there is no time or prerequisites for friendship, it comes just when you want it to come, there is no cause, there is no reason, - if you can't be a friend now, you can't ever...
Our seniors..
well, let's keep it for another day... ;-)

I uploaded some pics at Facebook..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aj hotath

Aj hotath onekdin pore,
khuje pelam purono roddur er tukro,
thik jemon onekdin age,
protidin petam khuje
gariahat e..

aj hotath e akoshmik 
chena fuler gondho notun kore chinlam.
aj dinta bodle galo puro
jemon bodlato protidin 
gariahat e..

~Soumya Dasgupta/Gabloo

Sunday, August 22, 2010

17 days at a stretch!

It takes about 50 minutes to reach, break-trip by bus, hardly get chance to sit, adding on that class starts sharply at 8 o' clock most days, then again when it ends roughly around 5 pm, it takes about 1 n a half hours by bus and metro and auto to get back home. All left of the man lies straight on the bed to get up the next day and rush again until the weekends arrive. But still, ..... still it does not seem hectic to me, cause luckily and lovingly I am gaining a very warm and affectionate feeling about BESUS, and also on my course of Study- Architecture. To be a part of a 150 years old heritage is something one should have dreamed for ..

A blend of science, technology, mathematics and most importantly creativity - is what Architecture seems to me, till date. The course has hardly started in main stream, but still after my 17 days of college, I find that Architecture is one of the very few subject that can appear to you like your hobby. I do not mean, in any manner whatsoever, that I am doing great with it, or that it is a very easy subject to master. Rather on the contrary, it is very difficult to feel the subject. But once felt, I started to think that this subject would give me a tremendous opportunity to work my brain and flourish my creative senses- which leads me to one of my much adored wisdom- freedom..

Float Victoria
Have an assignment on photography- to study and make articulation of  'Architectural Examples' around your locality.- So I visited the most popular Victoria Memorial, and had this snap!

Friday, August 13, 2010


An iron Jali strangled on the road, full of rust, creates an unusual pattern.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 1, Day 2

My journey with BESUS (Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur) started brilliantly last Thursday, 29th of July, 2010. The first thing I knew was the proper name of my department, which is a bit different from what WBJEE board mentioned in their allotment letter. Name of the department is not Architecture, rather it is Architecture, Town and Regional Planning. But nothing else was different- I am the student of 'Bachelor of Architecture' course.
My class was to begin at 8 o' clock. It was a tremendous challenging thing to wake up at 5 o' clock in the morning, I think the last time I attempted such a difficult task was in my primary school days.. But at those times I used to sleep quite comfortably as my Mother woke me up, brushed my teeth, dressed me up, tied my shoes, fixed my satchel on my back, and dragged me to the bus-stop at put me in my school bus , all by herself, every day.. I had to do nothing but follow her and all my efforts were limited within the domain of non-retaliation.
But now, I grew up. So, unfortunately I had to do things myself. Off course without my Mother's help I still could do nothing. But still I think it would not be wrong to claim that I grew up. I grew up and I woke up. And was quite pleased with myself - yes! I can wake up early. It was quite an achievement from my side.
The route 5 bus took us straight to Exide-More, which is a just next to our next hop- Rabindra Sadan. We crossed the road and I noticed Kolkata rose way early than I did, as the streets were quite full of people and the streets already having substantial traffic.It was around 6:30 only, which, even a day before was my midnight.
From Rabindra Sadan we got up in another bus which took us straight to BESU, though the conductor still referred it as B.E. College, its earlier name.
The college campus was had a lovely moist smell due to last night's heavy rain. It was undoubtedly an atmosphere to be absorbed in, but I had more important things to do- to find out where I had to report.
But it was quite easy, we were instructed a little before 8, to go and sit in our department's room, which was on the ground floor of the new eight storied building. There was where I read the board "Department of Architecture, Town And Regional Planning". I thought I would be too excited straight from the beginning but amazingly I was quite cool.
Our room is not big, neither small. It was a medium sized room, or may be a little smaller than 'medium' and a little bigger than 'small' ( I am here to grow my quantitative senses...LOL) .. We were like 16-17 people.. Earlier I had a notion that Architecture is a course for women, but we had only 4 girls here. [ :'-( ] Everyone was a new face to me, and I was also new to everyone, else than Nilendu, who was from our Patha Bhavan.
The first period was really quite serious! It was Engineering Mechanics. The teacher came in and started writing the syllabus on the board, then he started giving problems, then dictated few definitions, made a Roll-Call and left the class, and I noticed he never told us his name ! It was though one of the best Mechanics classes I ever attended, the depth of his lecture was surely something that made your brain be active all the time.
Very soon, we all became friends. Our seniors came in and spoke with us. The things they told us would be  exaggerated  to refer as ragging. A senior called me by name and ordered me to open my wrist watch, warned me to never wear Jeans, Half-sleeved shirts and sneakers to the college. Though amazingly, his shirt was Half-sleeved and he too was wearing jeans!
Our next class was of 'Design Fundamentals'. Which was, unlike the previous one, an introductory class only. The teacher introduced himself, asked to introduce ourself too. That was when I came to know my fellow classmates (lots of blog soon to come on my friends).

That's all today.... rest of my experiences are to be posted very soon

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Criss Cross

Criss Cross
A temporary Bamboo Structure, for a New Over Bridge under development. Near Baghajatin Railway Station.

Stove Sharai Dokan

Stove Repair
If you don't know Bengali, I here translate the a very peculiar and interesting message in the picture;-
               Stove Repair Shop
All types of shirts, pants, Bag-chains, Plastic buckets and Umbrellas are repaired over here!

Now that is great!

Dog and Rust

Dog and Rust


A Junkyard near Baghajatin Bridge, Kolkata. Does make me feel bad, or rather feel like a European Tourist and making poverty and stuff my subject. But tremendous subject , so couldn't resist it..


Stones of the Railway Tracks



An Afternoon Nap

A street-dog, having a nice nap in mid-afternoon. Curled and comforted.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010





Oops! I never knew it was so soft! My dad's new Gillette Foamy. I just tried it and ..Bhoooosh.. it came out.. its feathery soft.. guess I still have to wait to use it.. Anyways, it served me well to try my camera's 'Super Macro Auto Focus' mode designed for objects few centimeters close.

Light And Shadow

Light and Shadow
A coconut tree at my neighborhood. This picture is my first trial with light and shadow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Street Market

Street Market
The street is the market and the market is the street. Basically, people would also identify places on this road by simply referring to the bazaar like - "are jekhane bajarta boshe" (" the street where the market is"). A typical kolkata picture. The lady in the middle, the shops on the sides, the vegetable vendors on the pavements, the crowd crowded with paddle-pulled and hand-pulled carts and bicycles, the people, the smell, the noise - all depict the fact- how organized unorganized India is. Truly India, truly unique.


Yes, if you see India, you are right. Again a very rare cloud line, but i had it right from my window. This photograph was taken with my Samsung SGH-J600 camera phone (1.3 mega pixel). Basically, its the triangular peninsula that strongly resembles the map of India, otherwise you can also imagine a bird.

Concave Convex

Concave Convex
A very rare opportunity, I must say. I can quite bet, you haven't seen such clouds. One of my favorite photographs. 



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Morning Mr. ?

Good Morning Mr. ..? Never saw you here?

What a rare bird! Well, rare for me of course, or us, who are quite habituated in the humans-only zone. Crows are still surviving though.. and sparrows; and few eagles too. But this particular bird made a very rare visit today. I don't even know the name. As a matter of fact I hardly know anything about this bird but that this bird is very rare to see and even rarer to have a photograph, that too right in the middle of such a concrete-jungle. 

Moreover, I had this shot in a very memorable way. I was panning in full zoom with my camera all around from my roof and suddenly, my pan had a halt when this Mr. Never-saw-before caught my eye (or precisely the view finder of my new Finepix S2000HD.)

Nevertheless, if any Mr. know-many-bird-names can help me with the name of this bird (because you can't Google this..), I would be grateful, though it would hardly make any difference to my unique surprise... After all, what's worth naming them if we make them so rare?

Friday, July 23, 2010

World War II

Up in the sky
Well, let not the title deceive you. Its not at all a World War II photograph. I took it it just today evening, precisely at 6:26 pm. And then just did two things- 'black and white' followed by 'film grain' and had what is here

Cocos Nucifera

Cocos Nucifera 
A coconut tree, on the front yard of my neighbor..

My First Sketch

Kitchen in 2 point perspective
Really not something Blog-worthy today.
This is my first sketch regarding my upcoming Architecture course . I drew it in Panthanivas, Cuttack , the day before my NATA exam at Piloo Mody College of Architecture. I had nothing to do actually, so I thought of drawing something.. Basically, you know, to be honest- I don't quite think I can draw. But still I believe this is a kitchen that at least looks like a decent kitchen... ;-)
I can't recall why I chose a Kitchen; may be because I am a food lover or it reminds me of my mother.
I kinda messed up with the geometry, there is a error in there- the left wall of the picture has an extra wall-line, right beneath the sink which should not be there.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Curtains of my room....

Nah.. its okay

Primary complaint about picture quality is on its way to withdrawal. Basically, there are two things. One is that 'AUTO' mode definitely selects the most appropriate parameters with respect to the scene. But, it can still be improved by selecting the parameters manually. Secondly, the LCD display is not somewhere one should judge the quality of the picture. This was one of my mistake. Its better to untie the usb cable, connect it with the computer and then judge it on full screen view. The important thing is in full manual mode, it is quite difficult for me to reach optimum exposure but if I can reach it, I find that noise-factor just vanishes! This picture is taken in 9 mega pixel and the following parameters were also set manually
ISO 100
Shutter speed: 1/680, Aperture: F 7.4
Thus in this, case I am quite happy with the picture quality... which makes me feel cooler.. :D

A first look

This post is about the new camera I bought. Well, primarily I would say I am quite satisfied with it. Basically, because its a camera that looks like a camera and hanging it around your neck makes you feel cool..LOL.. just kidding.. Now, seriously speaking this camera is simply great at its price range. It has got 12 different modes, each having a large different customization-options making a gross total of thousand different ways to take a snap and that is why as a novice I am quite faithful on 'AUTO' mode which is basically the other thing of just point-and-shoot. But this camera has got manual mode, shutter speed/aperture priority, natural flash, shooting modes like landscapes, portrait with face detection, night, and many more yet remains to try out. Full utilization of all the features would require quite a little experience, which from my side is yet to be earned. But philosophically, a photograph is what message you want to express and it is not that dependent on how many modes you have in your camera. Nevertheless, primarily I think the picture quality is a little more than good, but not very-good. It has got noticeable noise factor which reduces on choosing appropriate exposure and white balance. The noise factor is ignorable at regular proportions but becomes quite prominent on magnifying it on desktop. However, this S2000HD is quite appreciable in its capacity to reciprocate the natural light and darkness of the frame. Here is a comparison with a SONY cybershot .
Natural shades of the clouds in background LOST
Natural shades of the cloud with Fujifilm S2000HD